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Author, Speaker, Trainer, Transformation Coach

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Meet Cha Jones

Author, Speaker, Trainer, and Coach

Cha Jones is an intercultural author, speaker, trainer, transformational coach, and philanthropist. Her passions are centered on advocating for, educating, empowering, and encouraging women and minorities to explore the world through travel.


Z. Slaughter,

Coaching Client

Atlanta, GA

"I enjoyed being coached by someone who has lived abroad and was able to help me to construct a plan of action that fits my personality and comfort level. I appreciated that Cha was able to help me to assess what was really important to me, as well as examine the fears that have prevented me from moving forward in the direction that I desire."

Ashley, Northington,

CEO Denor Brands and PR

Nashville, TN

"I absolutely love Cha Jones! She is a dynamic speaker and a motivating, engaging coach. She has helped me work through some of the most pressing issues in my business and in my life. She has managed to help me focus my efforts and my attention so that I become the best version of me possible to serve myself and my clients."

Sri Thayi,

CEO of Country Goddess

New, NY

"Cha is a true inspiration to women and girls around the world who are looking to expand their horizons and push their boundaries. The lady is surely a trailblazer to be associated with!"

Ron Cahoon,

International Consultant

Seoul, South Korea

"I have watched Cha develop her speaking and leadership abilities, and she is by far well on her way to becoming an exceptional motivational speaker and trainer—she is a natural. She is very diplomatic and has wonderful people and communication skills."

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