It is my mission to be of service to others! As a lightworker and spiritual healer, I desire for everyone to live their best life and be on purpose. 

However, that was not always my mission. For over 20 years I tried climbing to the corporate ladder as a Corporate Trainer. But my soul was calling for me to do something else. I became the CEO of an international consulting company, worked with Fortune 500 companies as an intercultural expert and emotional intelligence coach. Yet, my soul wanted me to answer a bigger calling. 

I moved to Seoul South Korea and traveled the work to over 23 foreign countries searching for my purpose. 

Now, I am fulfilling my purpose and working with clients who are in search of their own purpose. needing spiritual healing (Reiki), and/or need direction. I conduct Reiki, Numerology Reports, and do Autocartoglogy (help people find their direction based on their personal astrology).

I am also an author and international speaker. 


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