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The New Urban International Migration: African American Women Move Abroad

Globalization, an increase in international mobility through international migration, is not limited to race, nationality or ethnicity. The world is an increasingly expanding canvas even as it continues to shrink due to people capitalizing on more technology, which brings us closer through the internet. Today, more people have the ability to travel and they are taking the opportunity to explore alternative career opportunities. This book explored the motivating factors for African American female expatriates adjusting to their host countries. The participants evaluated their adaptation, identity, experience, common bonds, and perceptions. Through this exploration, there was an apparent intercultural shift among the participants in terms of value and perception. Based on the research there is a definite need for more research on self-initiated expats who are moving abroad in the field of teaching, especially in ESL, and a need to explore theoretical frameworks around cultural adaptation and the adjustment of African American expatriates.

You Too! Can Live Abroad: Guide for Women and Self-initiated Expats


Are you tired of watching International House Hunters wishing, dreaming, and imagining it were you? Do you feel like you are boxed in simply living to work while your life is getting away from you?


Maybe you feel like there is a life somewhere out there reserved for a select few. However, what if I told you that You Too! Can Live Abroad. Living in a foreign country is not reserved for them, it is reserved for anyone willing to take the leap of faith and just do it.


Many people would love to know how to travel the world, but more and more people are wanting to know how they can live abroad without waiting until it’s time to retire. Great news! You don’t have to wait until you are too old to enjoy living in a foreign country, you can do it now! Don’t let money and your stinking thinking STOP you. It’s time to live the life you have been dreaming about, TODAY!

In this book, you will learn about: 


  • Find out where to look for job opportunities

  • Create an action plan for relocating

  • Find resources to connect with other expatriates

  • And much, much more!

Every Girl Needs Her Pearls: A Little Wisdom to Accessorize the Journey from Being a Girl to Become a Woman


Description: A carry-along pocketbook collection of inspirational thoughts and quotes divided into topics such as attitude, beauty, time management, friendship, and courage. Each section has anywhere from one to five quotes on a word and/or phrase that will assist girls and woman alike when they need to be reminded, uplifted or encouraged throughout the day. All of the thoughts and quotes were written by the author, Cha Jones, who is a poet and motivational speaker. This isn't a cover-to-cover read, but a carry-along flip-and-find text inspirational book.

Sage Spiritual Spray (2oz)

Smokeless Alternative to Burning Sage  for Clearing and Purifying Negative Energy


Sage has traditionally been used to cleanse and purify a space or a person’s energy field.  Loose sage or a smudge stick is burned, allowing the smoke to cleanse and carry away negative or stagnant energy.  


This lovely Spiritual Spray is great for anyone on the move or in any area where they can't burn sage to protect themselves or remove negative influences. Made with organic white sage and a perfect blend of orange, cedarwood, frankincense, sandalwood essential oils along with full moon water, this is a powerful and beautiful smelling alternative to a smudge stick.  


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