Transformation and Global Readiness Coaching

What is a Transformation Coach?


A transformation coach is a coach that helps you change your life and manage the different transitions that you may experience while adapting to change. 

My niche is...

  • Spiritual Transformation

  • Career Transformation

  • Social Transformation

  • Relocation (Global)

 How Coaching Works 



In most cases, I work with clients over the phone. However, I love meeting people face-to-face or in small groups. I coach people who live anywhere in the world. Therefore, we don’t have to be in the same time zone or city, because as long as someone has the internet or a phone, we can make things work.



  • The best way for me to connect with a client is through my initial Coaching Assessment. If you are really unsure of what you want to do or you have questions about the coaching process, this is a great time for you to ask questions and for us to get to know each other. I can also tell you a little more about coaching and how I work. This time will allow us to discuss the appropriate program for your particular needs. I call this the discovery phase.


  • Prior to any coaching meeting with a new client, I will have them complete an Intake Form. Completing the Intake Form will help me understand your goals, aspirations, and fears. This process will help you explore your desires and goals. It will help me to understand what you need and want out of the coaching process and give me a better understanding of what we need to focus on during the coaching meetings. I call this the preparation phase.


  • Each coaching meeting will normally last about 60 minutes twice a month. I normally record the meetings for you to have and replay at a later time and date to reinforce what we have discussed. I also will be available between meetings via email to answer questions. I will also create a Google Docs folder for you with information, resources, and questions. During our meetings, you will establish what you want to discuss and I will work as your accountability partner to help you accomplish your goals. I will also assign homework to help you explore direction, goals, your ideal place to live, help you deal with culture shock, etc. I like to consider myself your personal cheerleader, but with a plan and purpose. I am here to help you in getting from where you are, to where you desire to be. I call this the journey phase.

Action:  the bringing about of an alteration by force or through a natural agency


Getting started is how you create change!

Are you ready to travel with direction?

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