Dream Team Accountability

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Become part of a larger community where your dream to do something doesn't rest on your own shoulders, but rather it's a collective effort. Your dreams don't need to be deferred another minute longer when you can work with a group of like-minded people to stay focused and get things done. 

Dream Team Accountability 

Are you are serious about living your dream life/lifestyle? Have you put off moving abroad because you didn't feel ready or supported? Are you looking for the right opportunity before you commit to moving abroad? If you answered yes to any or all of the previous questions, then I want to assist you in making your dream a reality.


I am a certified Life and Expat Coach and Intercultural Trainer. I work with individuals and corporations who are moving abroad on international assignments. However, I get my greatest joy from working with self-initiating expats (those who are moving abroad on their own or without corporate sponsorship). See, self-initiating expats are the ones who need help the most. However, they either don't know that I exist or they don't know what they don't know and hence are unsure how to use my services. However, I want to help more self-initiating expats get from where they are to where they really want to be. So, that is why I have created the Future Expat Dream Team Accountability Group.


Let me start by pointing out the top reasons I get from my clients haven’t taken the leap, and see if resonate with you…


  1. Finances: I need to pay off some debt and then I will feel comfortable moving abroad.

  2. Children: I have children and I want to see them through school or at least find ways to make them comfortable.

  3. Job/Career: I need to find a job that is comparable to the one I have in my country of origin.

  4. Research: I don’t feel like I know enough, I am still researching.

  5. Fear: I am not sure that I am prepared, and I don’t know anyone in the country I desire to move to.


Now, these are just a few of the reasons I hear from my clients on why someone they haven't taken the steps to move abroad and follow their dreams. I am not saying these reasons are not valid, but all of them have a solution and should not prevent one from living the life they desire.



I want to assist you! It doesn’t matter if one of the reasons listed above is yours or not, no matter what your reason for deferring your dream, I offer that we can do something about it. I want to build a Dream Team, if you will, that will come together and support you by encouraging you to take the initiative, do the research, and put the plan into action. As a certified coach, I know too many people who have a desire but aren’t acting on it because they allow the unknown to prevent them from moving forward hence resulting in Dreams Deferred.


You don’t have to DEFER your DREAM any longer!


Dream Team Accountability



Who Should Join?


  • If you have a dream of any sort that you want to work on making it a reality in 2018, then this is for you.

  • If you are feeling stuck, you have an idea and you think it will work, but not sure of your next steps, then this is for you.

  • If you have your idea and need help staying focused or flushing things out, then this is for you.

  • If you don’t have an idea, you want to do something but have way too many things going on to even find time or energy to begin, then this is for you.

  • If you have been thinking about doing something, go somewhere, or making something a reality for way too long, and you need to just do it, this is for you.


How will it work?


  • Dedicate 1-hour a week to being focused on your dream. This means you check in, remove all distractions (Facebook, phones, kids, etc.). It’s one hour of committing to your dream.

  • Be committed. Show up even if you feel unprepared, lack motivation, or are simply unsure. Remember this a team effort (all for one and one for all).

  • Use your resources. Ask questions, post information, use time to brainstorm. This is 1-hour for you to get things done or plan the action with the team.

  • We will meet in #slack and use the zoom for the meeting, but everyone will be on mute the entire meeting unless there a question, which we will use chat for so it doesn’t distract others.


What will you get?


  • Two power meetings a week with me (your certified life and expat coach) and of course your Dream Team. (Valued at $480 month/$2,880 6 months)

  • Access to a sounding board for your ideas via Slack and Zoom. (Valued at $200 month/ $1,200 6 months)

  • Collaborative resources in one place to help you stay motivated (free worksheets, training material, etc.) (valued at $200 month/$3600 6 months)

  • Accountability from me (the coach) and from other team members.

  • Learn how to chuck your ideas and get things done.


We will meet on Zoom tand connect hrough Slack for one hour twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday), details will be emailed when you sign-up. 


Total Value of this program is $7680 for six months, your cost today is only $60 for the first 30-days and $120 a month thereafter, a savings of 90%.


Don't miss this amazing opportunity! If you sign-up by February 10, 2018, you can get a 30-day trial at $60, which is a saving of 50% off. After the trail, the monthly membership will be $120/month on auto pay. You may cancel at any time with a month notice. 



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