Let's Work Together

I'm passionate about helping people live on purpose. As a coach, trainer, speaker, and healer I rejoice in assisting people in finding the resources and tools to navigate and explore the world at large. In essence, I help people make the moves that move them, personally, spiritually, and/or physically. 


Through my You Too! Can Live Abroad: 90 Days to Take Off course, I help individuals map out their plan and prepare to launch their international new life and/or lifestyle. I also work with organizations, universities, and businesses to create training programs and workshops on intercultural communication, diversity and inclusion, and minority expansion in international education.


Overall, I believe it is my purpose to help facilitate change through diversity initiatives. I work diligently to help encourage and empower communication that expands the boundaries and limitations of thought, place, and fear. The world is too small to stagnate and complacent; there is no time like the present to explore the world be a global citizen.


I want to help you, your organization, or your company explore the world as a responsible global citizen in a perfect global fashion. So,  let’s work together to navigate change.


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